Once you buy a package you’ll receive an expert within 3 working days.

The expert will discuss together with you:
-What can be done within the package you purchased.
-How many people will be working on the job
-Who and how the material will be provided
-The starting date

The hour packages can be divided in two sections of work at a maximum of 2 different addresses.
My Team Constructions has a period of 60 days to start your renovation, once started we will finish within the agreed time.

The material will be provided by My Team Constructions during the working hours and always at expense of the client further
more there are no additional fees on the material. You pay what it costs, if however you want to provide the material yourself,
it’s possible too. All you have to do is discuss this with the expert, not only to inform us but also to get advise on buying the right products.
My Team Constructions gives 2 year guarantee on all of the completed work.

Other fees
Call out fee €0.19 eurocents per kilometer
Expert visit fee €30.- per hour
Administration fee € 22,50
All the garbage will be taken away during the working hours and charged per kilo acording to the Afval


  • if you have questions
  • if you need ideas
  • if you need advice
  • for suggestions